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An 'old-fashion' independent, dispensational, 

historically Baptist Church. 

Our goal is to preach and teach the Word of God

that honours the Lord Jesus Christ by 

producing Christians who live 

practical godly lives to the glory of God.

We stand unashameably on the KJV Bible for all 

preaching, teaching, and memorisation in our 

services and personal Bible study. 

 We hold to the traditional conservative form of worship 

with Christian music sung from a hymn book. 

We are a non-charismatic church following the leading 

of the Holy Spirit of God in our services, 

ministries, and service to one another 

that honors our Lord Jesus Christ.

                 If you are in the Auckland area, come and visit with us and see for yourself what God is doing with us.


NOTE: We are here to help visitors to Auckland or anywhere in New Zealand to find other churches of like faith and practice.  

If you are looking for an independent Baptist Church, 

please ask and we will try to link 

you up with those we know.