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Posted on June 12, 2015 at 3:45 AM



    On Sunday June 7th 2015, after several weeks of business meetings, discussions, and planning, we came to the conclusion it would be best to have the church name changed to reflect a new beginning for the two churches becoming one new entity. We no longer refer to each other as being from MBC or LIBC. We are now working together to be one body, with one mouth and one mind, under the direction of Christ as the head of the Church and the Holy Spirit guiding us in a new future to God's glory.

    One thing that came up often in the discussions of a new name was the necessity for the neighbourhood to see that we truly are a new "landmark," a lighthouse shining forth with the truth of God's Word into the community in need of the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Finally, we are getting so much closer to the completion of making the necessary changes to merge Maranatha Baptist Church into Landmark Independent Baptist Church.  In September 2014, the congregations of Maranatha & Landmark started having joint-services.  In Novemeber 2014, we found it necessary for MBC to merge its membership into LIBC and to start the legal process necssary to be a charitiable trust in NZ.

    As we started posting information on the process of the merger of the two churches, we found it getting more complicated than expected and we hired the barrister who orginally helped LIBC get its charitiable status in 2008.  The more we learned about the history of LIBC the more complicated things became.  We have no idea how the Lord managed to keep LIBC going without a pastor for seven (7) years.  But we are truly thankful for the five (5) people God used to keep the church going until we came along to help them.  How thankful we are for the Lord blending our two churches together.  In the short time we have been meeting it is as if we have always been together with a great spirit of harmony with one another.

    Please continue to pray for wisdom for the Pastor and Trustees to work out the information, details, and the process needed to complete the goal of merging these two churches into one - LIghthouse Baptist Church of Auckland.